Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Water & cards...Cards & Water?

Nothing to special about this card unless you look real close at the
treat cup...scroll down to get a better look.
Yep that's water, so easy. If you want to know how just ask.

Starting Friday I'm going to start gifts to give.
If you check out my old posts you will find many already.
My newest box (I have 3) is going to be excited to show you and if your an avid reader you may also get a chance for the PDF free.
But I'm only going to have it up (send it out) for the shortest time.
Stay Tuned.

Happy Wednesday!

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Valerie Durham said...

Very cute idea! I also love the card with the window below - such creativity!

Beryl said...

Oh you've got comments back Sam. It seemed really weird not to be able to say Hello.Not sure how long you've had them again but I like it. I like the water idea too. Very clever.
Beryl xx

Anonymous said...

I love you joy card with the water globe and would like to know how you made it, if you are sharing the details. I bought 5 dozen of the Sweet Treat cups and want to make ornaments for the grandkids classrooms, these would be so cute!
Thanks in advance.

Cherie said...

Too darn cute! Am making one for my granddaughter for Christmas! Thanks for sharing this great idea! Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

THat is so clever. I would like to know how you did it also.


Lucie said...

Hi ! Your card is sooo cute ! I would like to know your secret ! :-)
Thanks !