Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gift of Cards!

Hey Y'all
I'm back I had a great and unexpected 5 day weekend from the wonderful (being sarcastic)
Nor' easter our part of the world got.
Virginia Beach in case your wondering.
Flooding was the worst I have ever seen in this area and I have lived here all my life.
That includes the Hurricanes we occasionally get.
BUT! not as bad as some floods I know some of you have been through or witnessed.
I feel for you all cause that is some scary stuff!

On a lighter note, A lot of house work and stampin was done which has put me a head
I made these simple one layers for a friend for her Birthday, she gives a lot of Christmas cards. Just a little masking, dry embossing and a box to put it all in.
Took me 30 mins to make 10 cards.
Need help designing your cards this year...
Let me know.
Off to my Shoe box you that card Friday.

Happy Wednesday!

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Lorraine said...

What a great gift! Thanks for sharing.

Valerie Durham said...

Oh, my goodness - so sorry that you were caught under all that flooding and storming. I mean, I'm sure you enjoyed your 5 day weekend, but I know as a teacher you still have to make it up. Plus you hate missing for reasons like that! I don't know how I missed your last few posts, but I love all of these projects - just gorgeous! Glad you're okay, too!