Monday, November 30, 2009

Gifts to Give Week I

I have so many gift that I just might continue this all Month.
This week I am showing some boxes for gift cards. If your anything like me and feel gift cards are impersonal...doesn't mean I don't like to receive them!
I feel they need a little something to go with em.
Say maybe some Chocolate!
This box fits a gift card and some chocolate sticks I found at my local Pharmacy.
The Box folds flat for storage and another use at another time.

This weeks boxes were going to be a class I hoped to have this month, they are just perfect for the little things and a gift card.
I created them with a little inspiration.
This week I will be giving for a day one of the rough draft ( in Pencil and scanned still working on the Professional one's, hence the reason for no class this month, but for sure next month) PDF's of one of the boxes you will see,
All you have to do is request it.

OK it will be Fridays box so on Fri email me or leave a comment with your request.
Happy Monday!

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