Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Quick Share

Before the hoard gets here Thursday...and my back breaking mad dash to complete things for the fair...yes my back is killing me!
Here are two very adorable cards my VERY good friend Donna did of UGH! Sock Monkey, if your a frequent reader of my blog you know how I feel about him.
But! after these two cuteys , he may be growing on me...NOT!
When I'm done after this weekend I have something very exciting to show you all.
Well Off to the fair!
Wish me luck.


Kathy said...

I share your sentiments about the sock monkey!!!! But I have to say that these are really cute cards.

Melissa Sauls said...

Oh I think you did a great job with the set. They look so cute!!

Anesha said...

Good luck at your fair, hope you do amazingly well!

Lorraine said...

That's a cute pair of monkeys there! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Jenny, said...

Good luck from me to. Oh & those cheeky monkey's are cute.