Sunday, November 9, 2008

I could Be a Swap Snob...More VB Regional Swaps

Had the most amazing time lots of fun, Shelly was there, just in awe, BUT...
Have you ever read the post on Splitcoast about Convention Swap Snobs?
Well this was my very first SU Event. I knew it would be a smaller event and a great way to see how the swaps go.
I made about 20 each of the cards in the post below and about 8 of the pic below, only because I didn't think I had enough, and 8 of the calenders (only brought 6 of them)
that's because I was up until 3 in the morning struggling to just finish a few and got 6 completely put together.
Well the reason I'm thinking I could be a swap snob is, the time I put into those calenders/cards and the resource's. So I was trying to be selective on who I swapped those with( got some nasty cold shoulders when I asked to see there 3D swaps). I wanted someone Else's time and resource's in return. So does that make me a swap snob?
Also if you viewed the cards in the post below, and you are familiar with all the steps it took to do those . Wouldn't you be selective.
When I was or my friend were approached, she did most of the swapping for me cause I was finishing them up it, we swapped, it was so over whelming. But when I got home to look at all the cards I had. I was Quite disappointed and amazed, some were absolutely gorgeous, some were, I just can't explain .
OK I can...
How easy it is was for some to just throw some DSP on card stock with a word stamp inked on it, that's it for the card. Yes I know how expensive DSP can be. But do these people know how effective their stamps and inks can be, and how they can go a long way and without the expense of DSP.
So when I do go to convention next year. I know not to beat myself up with the swaps.
Now I know what to expect. I probably wont do it at all!
Sorry for my rant.
But Please leave a comment nice or not what you think, I can take it.
Now to tell you about the desk calender.
I ran the raw SU long board chipboard with DSP glued to it, through the top note die, (Wait till you see what came out of the leavings, show you later) and the Mark the Date and Full Calender stamps set.
12 Top Notes in WW CS
2 jumbo Eyelets
Assorted DSP in Large Oval
Full Calender stamp Set in several Inks Punched out with Word Window
Decorated to match DSP.
Very Easy...Nice Gift.

Edited Note* I needed swaps to show my customers techniques I have not done and sets I do not have . You would think other Demos would know what an SU event full of Demos are using the swaps for. I don't need that many cards for my personal use. Sorry if I sound mean...I'm really not!!!


katiesniche said...

I think your swaps are great! I'm glad you had a good time! I wish I could've gone. Anyway, sometimes you just have to be a bit selective. Not everyone puts the same time and hard work into their swaps. Great work!

kat said...

I put alot of work into my swaps and at convention 06 was every disappointed in what I got back but I always try to remember that not everyone is at the same stage in stamping and I could never hurt someone elses feelings as I have had it done to me. Having said all this 08 convention swaps were great with only a few bad ones.

Kathy said...

Boy, you really did put some time and money into your swaps! I know it is disappointing to get things in return where the effort is not at great - it seems to be a hit and miss thing with swapping. I hope the good swaps you got were worth it to you.

Melissa Sauls said...

Hah! You should see the very first swap card I ever received 4 years ago at my very first Regional. Remember that punch that did the 3 different lopsided squares? Well, it was those 3 square on a piece of cardstock with a greeting from Sincere Salutations....that was it! I definitely appreciate when people put a little more work. :)

Burninrubber said...

This post made me giggle. I know EXACTLY what you mean. I also want some great things to show my customers and try to make something great for others to show. It's very disappointing to get something with little or no effort put into it. Try signing up for the organized ones on SCS for convention next year. You will usually get better quality!

Amy J

Alexandria said...

I've never been able to go to convention or a regional, but my upline has and she has received some pretty bad swaps. What she does is shoes them to her customers as "what not to do" on your cards. So, I might try that if I ever get to go!

Rachel Brumley said...


You did a great job on your cards -too bad not everyone cares as much as you do.

How do you put the tabs right below your banner?

Lorraine said...

Sam,I think your swaps are lovely. It is a hit or miss thing isn't it. Hope you got some that you can use.

Sharon Milburn said...

Love your swap idea nad your right you did put a lot of time into yours, so BE PROUD!

I've also nominated you for the Kreativ Bloggers award! You can visit my site for all the specifics and pick it up.