Thursday, November 13, 2008

Card box, Cards, Or Not, Get ready to be confused! ;)

Here's a card box that fits your Standard cards 51/2 x 41/4.
going to make a lot for the fair along with several selections of X-mas cards.
Take a box, or not, pick your cards, or not take just a box, take just cards or take both. Did I confuse you yet.
Now to figure out what to charge for the box, tell me what you think.
I got this template from Susan a fellow Demo and best friend who got it from her Up line, my side line, Colleen Magness ( founders Circle & top 10 demos of the year) Don't know where she got it, can anyone claim anything anymore?Or can you even remember who did it first. That sounds like a future rant to that soon.

I'm going to put a tutorial up tonight of this...right now
have to go make the donuts.


Julie O'D said...

I'm doing the same thing for my craft fairs :). My boxes fit 4 cards & envelopes & look like little totes. I'm charging $3 ea. for them (used ribbon & embellishments too) if that helps.

Melissa Sauls said...

What a cute box/bag!! I wouldn't have a clue what to charge. :\

thescrapmaster said...

They are going to sell fast!! 3 sounds reasonable to me, but I think you could even charge 4 or 5 they are adorable!

Can't wait for the template!


Kathy said...

I haven't seen this before - it's so cute! Please do post a tutorial.

Phree said...

Love your card boxes, but living in the UK I have no idea what would be a reasonable charge accross the "big pond"