Saturday, October 11, 2008

Makes them more special.

I love this set Grand Soiree.
I actually do not own it a great friend does and I borrowed it, to show the possibilities.
As in another post just a few additions and you have a million possibilities.
I'm using the scallop envelope on this one from the Big Shot.
Its actually a card front with the actual card in the envelope.
I did that with one of my Xmas card SAS a few weeks ago, Sorry you will not see that.
Don't want my friends sending cards out that have been viewed on the web.
Actually there are a lot of cards I will not show, only because it makes them more special.


Jacqueline TresBella said...

I've been thinking about this set. I really want it. It's so pretty! I live what you've done with it.

Jacqueline aka TresBella

Phree said...

The postman delivered the parcel with the lovely blog candy today, it's fabulous, thank you so much Sam!