Thursday, October 16, 2008

Giving Thanks!

I am so ready for Winter, yes I'm one of those strange people who like the cold.
Heat and me do not mix well.
This card was a Thank you for a friend who placed an order.
I try to put a card in all my friends order bags...time permitting
This will be the only one you will I said in an earlier post it make them special.


Phree said...

Beautiful card, I love that sentiment.

Carol said...

Great card soo diferent love it and that's neat giving a card to your customers!!


Anesha said...

Beautiful card.

Fiona Whitehead said...

Beautiful card - I love those colours together.

Lavender Rose said...

Beautiful card, love your design and the colours go so well together.

Rachel Brumley said...

Beautiful card - love the colors and sentiment

Sharon Milburn said...

Love what you did with this card!