Tuesday, November 23, 2010

No more Cat Naps...

A cheaper way to take my photos and much sturdier... so no more cat boxes. Older post☺
Very first photo up above with no editing, only cropping.
Less time taken to get it right enough to show you the true color of a card and other items...and all for a heck of a lot cheaper than ordering online, or your cardboard made, becoming a cats napping area...twice!
I have come up with a better formation than this so it will actually save more. Too excited to show you!
 *So check back to this post I will edit with that formation (with pics) and accurate supplies!
It's still not done I still have to get backing pieces but...
Here's the scoop: PVC 1/2'' cut at 16''...I'm thinking I might make them 12'' instead.
8 three-ways for the corners
2 -$5 lights at the big orange box store.
2 yards white cotton, check your remnants. Velcro, I sewed mine, there are no sew kinds for fabric.
The best part, it comes apart and stores away nicely, going to make a bag, when time permits.
Need more info Contact me.

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