Monday, September 14, 2009

The coolest things you find!

Well I'm still here that means I must of survived the first week....Barely!
I will file this one in the worst of them category's.
It all started last weekend with Lane being sick with lets say Flu like symptoms. I was so sad he was going to miss his first day of Middle school, but there was no way he was going if he did not clear up, well luckily he did and survived and made the football team. Probably feeling awful too.
Well that flu decided it wanted to hit the rest of us! UGH!
This Mommy tried as hard as she could to keep the immunity system fighting hard, clean hands and the wonderful works of Lysol, it still got me!
In the end Lilli missed two and I missed one day's of the first week.
Is it swine flu...
the Dr said without a test (didn't want us coming in to infect them...can't blame em) he couldn't tell me, but more than likely it is.
So that was the first week.
Now the video I wanted to do didn't get done, but that's OK I was able to stew on it a little longer and came up with another idea for it, so stay tuned. There might even be two.

This cool card is the product of a video I found by Donna Moore
Crimping and embossing ribbon, to cool.
Almost all ribbons can be done even with impression plates, to stinking cute!
So this week bring out the old White Rain and Aqua Net liquid hairspray and go to town on your ribbons.
SmUUUUches..oops sorry I'm well now! HE HE!

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