Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ive been Tagged!

Ive been tagged, thanks Lorraine "Paper Vernissage"check her out in the "places I go" over to the right. I am so new to this blogging stuff that this is so exciting for me. I look at many blogs silently until people started to leave comments on my own blog, and that felt great. Now I actually leave comments because I know how nice it feels to know someone is really looking. Well if you get the chance check out Lorraine's blog, I absolutely love her pictures and not just her cards and project. She makes me want to travel to Jersey just to check out her backyard.
I really do not have many to tag back and I'm sure you don't want to be tagged again Lorraine, but you have earned a space on my blog, of places I like to visit.

Here's the random things and hopefully I'll be able to tag you back in the future.

10 Years ago:
I just finished being an Auditor, had my second child, and decided to stay home, but became a bus driver to earn some extra money.
Weird! I'm not weird!
I secretly like to watch all the Star Wars movies, But always put up a slight stink to my DH.
This ones for you Lorraine, I adore all the Secretaries in all the schools I drive for.
I collect colored glass.
I knit the most gaudy scarves, but people love them anyways...go figure.
I have the biggest smurf collection...from when I was a kid of coarse

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