Saturday, May 31, 2008

1 Reader!!!!

Woo Hooo!!! I have one reader.
Thanks Melissa I know it was you, knew you couldn't resist.
Melissa is my upline (LOVE HER) shes also still my teacher. I went to her house today, (all of her 1 downline were invited) to make pyramid books.

I told her I had just uploaded my first card on Splitcoast and she wanted to see. Of coarse my blog link is in my personal profile, and I told her it, my blog, is so new not to look yet.

Here's a gift i gave her, just because: It' the paper beads.


Keri said...

You have 2 readers! I saw your accordian wallet on SCS and really like it! I've added your blog to my google reader too. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm one of your blog stalkers, but not the only one, nor the first! I am the very blessed recipient of this totally adorable bracelet you made. I love it and have been wearing it every day! Thank you so much!
Melissa :)