Saturday, May 31, 2008

Accordion Wallet!!

Here's my Accordion Wallet, I was looking for a better way to give gift cards with a little extra something. I gave one of these to my sons teacher, with a gift card to Barnes and Nobles and some bookmarks. I'm a big reader and I'm always losing my bookmarks. So a few extra are always nice.

Here's how I did it, it can always be re sized, with the same concept, for other items, tea bags Etc:

  • Cut a 4 3/4 by 4 in Square- Make 4
    Score Across 4 3/4 side down 1 1/4 & 3 1/2

  • Score across 4 in side at 3 1/2

  • Cut small rectangles at corners made by scores

Snail adhesive outside one flap & inside smaller rectangle piece

Sticky tape 3 of the pockets-right down the center on one side of the pocket

  • Over piece 2 1/2 by 11in
  • Score 3 1/2 & 3 3/4 and 7 1/2 & 7 3/4

Tape 3 1/2 side to top of accordion

Tape whole over piece to accordion, UNLESS embellishments or closures for flap are needed.
Then tape laterFlap can be cut to desired length
Closures can be anything Velcro, buttons hodgepodge etc.
Have fun hope to see what every one can come up with!!!


Anonymous said...

I saw your post at SCS.What a great accordian wallet. Thanks so much for the photo tutorial. I look forward to stopping by you blog again. Good Luck with it!

Lorraine said...

Cute idea. Now, did you purposely match your nails to the cs? Just kidding - great tutorial!

Anesha said...

Great tutorial!!! Thanks for sharing.