Friday, January 6, 2012

The Big Honking Plastic Table...

First go check out This Old Post and the Big Honking Plastic table, I was always cleaning. 
That table became the catch-all for everything.
Found...curbside a coffee table I really liked the legs on (show you what I did with those later)
I still had the top...

Pretty Legs... dawned on me this table top was the most perfect size, not a Big Honking Thing. 
Sent Hubby to the store to get some fence posts, and he even had them cut into 3 feet lengths.
Used the old hardware (screws and bolts)
and I have a new Counter height Table. I'm short...

I went to Habitat and just bought wood pieces that were the same depth, length did not matter as long as they were longer than the shelf I planned. This is where the Hubbies mind changed about my hoarding, he took over. Which was fine by me, I still asked for my own power tools for X-mas, he even found lite and cordless.
But after the accident I had earlier last year with a tree and a pole saw, all new safety equipment came with it.
Love Him!
There's more to the Hubby/Hoarding story....Stay Tuned.

I painted it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint this color is called Old Paint-no wax, I call it the Lazy "wo"mans paint and have several colors, tell you more of that later, cause there is a lot to talk about.t
The little hardware thingy on the sides hold trash collection bags and such.
It's the perfect height for cutting Fabric, paper and well...everything else, with-out to many aches;)
This also Houses my Big Shot Machine and Dies.

An Old wine rack that fits my long dies and...
A Big Beautiful Fabric Box (TJ Maxx) with a lid that hides the rest. 
Soon I hope this table will also house an E-clips or Silhouette! I'll find a way to store that pretty too.
More to Come....

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