Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Just a Re-Share...Markers Clear Cases!

 While I know most of you are preparing your Spaces for a New Catalog release...I know I do!

I'm re-posting this awesome idea I Did Last Year for organizing your Markers and more


Monday, September 20, 2010

Sharing What I Love...Marker Clear Case Inserts!

So excited...
finally finished one project I started...recruit video next!
Stampin' UP!® has a great case for when you purchase the full set of Stampin' Write Markers 119806.
I never had the case, only cause I still have some of the original marker Stampin' UP! started with (sister gave to me) and they did not come in the cool case they do now.
BUT! I think these cases are just as cool.
I purchased the empty Clear-Mount Stamp Cases 119105 Stampin' UP! Offers for 4.95$
To store my markers. Easy for Transport also.

I created some covers to insert for easy Identification.

So I'm Sharing it in a Goggle Doc Link.

Print it up in a Better Quality for better color, Directions on the first Page, of which you will cut off so don't throw them away☺
Any Question or need some Clear Mount Cases Email 
                                                 or Comment! Yes Copic also fit in these cases.
*Note a Create Your Own and Supply Insert Link has been added. Click Here to Go to my SHARING♥ Page, up top!


Kristi said...

Sam, this is AWESOME! And so are you for sharing it so willingly. Just the other day I was thinking there has to be a better way than how I have mine stored now. Perfect solution! Thank you so much!

Pursuit of Stampiness - Calgary, Canada said...

Thanks dear. I am going to check it out. Your the sweetets thing for sharing this with us.

Inky hugs, Pauline

Sylvia from Minnesota said...

THANK YOU!!! What a great idea and thanks for all your time and work putting this project together.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through SCS. Thank you for sharing the marker DVD inserts--they are great!!!

Penny Hanuszak said...

Sam you are terrific. Thanks so much for sharing your awesome case covers. It will tidy up my markers and make it so much easier to work with them when on the move to workshops. Clear cases will be a must on my next order.

Anonymous said...
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