Sunday, December 13, 2009

Why I was away! Gifts to Give

So sorry!
Unexpectedly got caught up...with these,
Chic' n Scratches Rag Quilt Bags
using the SU square Scallop.
Plus some shopping, wrapping, mailing and making some bridal shower invites of which I will show you later.
Pictures are not so great cause I forgot to take them at home.
Make great gift of which they became, and are quite inexpensive....unless you are like me and have to buy a sewing machine. Which I did for my Birthday, I needed one for all the mending that has piled up and always wanted to learn.
Thanks Becky Handforth for being a great teacher.

The top is a smaller version of Angie's and I did 2 of them.
The Bottom a larger version, is the very first after Susan ripped apart 2 I had already made, wish I had pics of those. They make me laugh now.

Back to the grind of gifts to give.

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1 comment:

Valerie Durham said...

Absolutely gorgeous! What a wonderful idea! Now....can I do it???? I must get that scallop square so I can try! MY mom would Love this!