Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Idea stealing!!! Gifts to Give

This Idea came from a sideline Kimberly Van Diepen
Love her style...
This mirror is large and I have 3 of them...a steal from a Swedish Company @ 2.50 a piece.
Each one has a different decor called Inspiration.
My over the shoulder shadow or hip hugger (sits her chair as close as she possibly can,)
loves this Love one, she said you see love when you look into it, Awe getting smooshy!
Need to add more, but that will happen later.

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Debbie said...

Did the frames come in different colors? Would love a hint at the company's name! It is a beautiful project!

Valerie Durham said...

I'm guessing IKEA on the company...but I just love it! So simple and elegant at the same time! Little ones are so sweet!