Monday, October 19, 2009

Frames Frames Frames Everywhere!

Does this look like you, pick up a frame here, find a great deal there?
Well I really have more than is shown, these were the ones I pulled out. All were under 3$.
Our weather this weekend was perfect for stamping , soups and a think I was that lucky, No!
Except for the stamping...Mountains and Mountains of laundry were barking at me, clean me clean me, no nap. But, I did fix a meat filled chili on Sunday so Yummy.
So Wed I will have a video showing how to change your frames out for the seasons the first will be on fall and winter with some holidays thrown in.
Quick and easy wall art for your home or as a gift.
Here's what I did this weekend with some of those frames.
Some Non SU stamps used.
I used a technique I learned from Faith Clark, if you are a Demo who has access to the workshop wows from convention she is a presenter and shows this technique.
Very Easy with a WOW!
Happy Monday!

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1 comment:

Valerie Durham said...

Guilty as charged...although I think my husband is worse than me on that! I love this idea. Now, just to find a good Saturday to do that. Terrific job on yours!