Friday, October 9, 2009

Can a Dradle have Merry on it? & Sam's stupid ways!

Do you know the answer to that question?
I came across this quite by accident by running a punched ornament through my Merry Emboss lit. I actually had other plans for this card but thought the dradle was to too cool.
Then colored a white 5/16 brad with a dark blue sharpie

I read a good blog business article the other day and because I want a good Business blog I am opening my comments back up. My thinking was to lighten my load and make things a little easier, by not running to my computer everyday to see if any have commented, cause who doesn't like comments and want their heads a little expanded.
I've been doing my blogging on Sundays nights these past weeks, set my posts up, answer e-mails, respond to comments. That way I am not tied to the computer all week. So on that note I will keep things the way they have been these past weeks, but with my comments open and will get back to you after the beep...which will be this Sunday.
Don't forget to ask for my free class in the for sale & class section.
Have a Good weekend.

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