Friday, July 4, 2008


Hi Ladies,
Made the last 20, 20 of 20 that's kinda nice. I'm so excited to have a group, we are going to have so much fun. I have to make this quick it being the 4th and all here in the US, it's a holiday of great food , getting fat and being merry, if you get what I mean. So I really don't know if I'm spelling things right... thank god for spell check. Well I will go and post sometimes this weekend, did a quick glance of your blogs and made my list. Now how do we get the badges, can anyone tell me . Will talk to you all soon.
Hugs Sam


Jacqueline Tr├ęsBella said...

Have a Happy 4th of July!

Aka Tresbella
SBS #20

Ann Whitfield said...

Hi Sam - I'm a fellow sister just popping by to say hello and a belated happy 4th of July!
Ann x

Chrissie said...

Hi Sam, pleased to meet you and looking forward to getting to know you better "sister".

Rainbow Lady said...

Hope you had a happy 4th. Love Cynthia x

purple_nikki said...

Hi there,

I'm one of your fellow sisters!
I know I am a bit late, but happy 4th July!

Looking forward to getting to know you!
Nikki x

Anesha said...

Nice to meet you. I am one of your sisters from SBS-20. Looking forward to knowing you.

Jenny, said...

Hi Sam, Hope you had a great 4th, look forward to getting to know you & all of the sisters xx

Janette said...

Hi Sam,

I am one of your new 20 sisters.
Looking forward to getting to know everyone

Jackie said...

Hi Sam,
Lovely to meet you, I'm in SBS20 too :) If ou emil me through my blog I will mail you intructions re signature on my blog.

Jodi said...

Good morning. I hope your weekend went well.

Jacqueline Tr├ęsBella said...

Glad you like to read about Vampires too. Which books/authors are your favorites? Mine are Kim Harrison and Laurell K. Hamilton.