Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Hi Everyone sorry I have not posted any cards lately. I am painting what feels like my whole house in prep for some events I'm having soon and I'm redoing a bathroom. To my sisters if your in the area come... they will be free for you. Only cause most of you need to fly over the pond. Ha that would be an expensive Stampin Up Event. Seriously I'll get to posting some cards soon. Love you All. SAM


Anesha said...

Hi Sam
The the best with your events. What a cute kitten is he/she yours?
My house is a mess with me trying to pack my craftroom for our move in a few weeks! Look forward to seeing some cards.

Janette said...

what a cute kittie is it really on the lettuce and tomato ??
Janette SBS#20

Carol said...

Hey a veggie cat! Cool...good luck with decorating and I the events go really well

Tessa said...

What a cutie kitty! I am in the states too so we have that in common! I am also a scorpio - Nov 2! Where do you live? I am in Missouri.

Chrissie said...

I hope my comment about your sweet kitten didn't offend you Sam as it was meant as a joke.

purple_nikki said...

how cute is that!

good luck with your events... you never know, one of these days I might make it across the pond (and if I do I'll let you know! lol)

x x x