Friday, July 30, 2010

Sharing What I Love....It gets Deep at the end!

Lets not kid our selves most Bloggers in Blog Land especially SU Demo's
have blogs to show "What They Love"
 To let all and any know what Great products, sales, specials, and Samples Stampin' UP!® has.
Convention has made me rethink how I want to do my blog.
I am going to Share everything-templates, the classes I have had and will still have*, videos, and anything else I can come up with FREE!
Most have always been free already.
To you, my family, friends and fellow Demo's...mostly you guys, my demo visitors.
I'm not kidding myself, I know the majority of my visitors are demo's.

Now There is a Catch...
I still will not be putting up the ingredients, just one blog post takes way to much of my time, you will understand why a little more in Monday's post.
If it's a template, you will have to email me for it or ask what was used if I do not already have it up.
Right now I'm on Summer Va Cay so I have the time, but when school starts things around here get a little busy and I will put things up as fast as my time allows.
(Oh Oh! be prepared I get quite deep in this paragraph)
Now on how long I will be doing this....
Who knows, before Convention I was on the fence about continuing being an SU demo and frankly I still am
and will see what comes and the Big Plan "He" has for me.
The Paper Craft world is Fierce and Competition is High
When it starts to become "not fun anymore" you bring it back and change the way you were doing it 
to make it Fun again....I have/am.
My family suffered with me trying to make this a business, and who knows it can still happen.
But for now, I have a lot of making up to do and that's what this summer for me has been all about...
Loving On them so much they are sick of me.

You will start to see other things besides SU products but still follow the IDA, 
I have mostly/all SU product cause nothing can compare to the quality.
I know I will lose some of you as followers and subscribers, that's OK. I will miss you and totally understand.
*I will still have classes and have some up now and always Share SU with all and any who will listen, for as long as I'm able.

My Direction can only be decided by One and I'm waiting to see which way he will take me.

My card and the next few posts are some more One-of-a-kind Convention swaps.
Using The new Confetti Stamp set-116960 and a simple cut out circle mask 
you can make with the circle scissor plus.
Also a level 2 Hostess stamp you can get for free when You host a 300$ or more Workshop called
Apple Blossoms. The Coffee Cozy Tutorial is up in my TUTORIAL Tab under my banner.

I hope you will continue to visit and understand.
Share What You Love, I am!


Lorraine said...

Great card - love the technique. You've given me some great ideas and I love coming here. And as for the other stuff - you've got to make yourself happy and that usually means making your family happy, and that's what is important. I respect that.

Kadie in Arizona said...

Sam: I think the main reason I enjoy coming to your blog and visiting is because orf your FRESH and HONEST approach - and that you have proven today in your blog post. ROCK ON girlfriend - Remember why you want to do a blog and all the rest will fall into place. Hugs to you and my hopes are you will be happy in whatever you decide to do.

Valerie Durham said...

Well, my are stuck with me, no matter what! I enjoy reading about your creations and reading heartfelt blog posts. Which, I need to mention, congratulations on becoming a grandma! That will be so exciting! School is back in session August 11 here, so I completely understand you not adding all the fluff - it is a lot of work. Most of the time I don't bother - most of the demos already know what the products are, anyway!

Katie Ann Brooks said...

OK, I totally feel you. I do the same, waiver about being a demo or not. My investment isn't the same since I have a FT job, but still... I definitely spend more than I make, partially due to self discipline problems ;) but you know. Anyway, all I am saying is I know and do what you love with whatever you love (SU! or not). Great card BTW! :)

The Pursuit of Stampin'ess said...

Dear Sam.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I love your honesty. Both on the SU demo website and on your blog. You make beautiful projects and I always love to hop by your posts. I was thankful to read that you want to involve 'the One' in your descisions. He has the wisdom and He knows what you and your family can handle. He loves the truth and doesn't need to be entertained. We think we do. But we are fine :) I love blogs, but when I see people loosing themselves (sorry, english isn't my first language :) only to sell more products and being someone they aren't.. then that makes me sad.. We all can live simpeler lifes.. Anyway.. Again.. take good care and I hope you will have some more direction soon.

Take care, Pauline