Thursday, May 27, 2010

BOO HOOing in my Coconut cup(s)....

A Note Of Thanks....Next Ones On Me.

Well I can finally tell, I did NOT call for Sam. Boo Hoo!
Yes I'm sulking, for all the hard work and never getting my entries back.
This week alone has put my shriveling  heart at risk every time the phone rang, and it was not Brent.
I'm exhausted, BUT! will get over it.
This was Fridays Post but the start of the Almost Artisan Blog Tour Below started today for some....
Check em Out!

So to celebrate "LOSING" starting Tuesday ( I already have a post set for Memorial Day)You get to see them all.
10 of the most amazing, to me anyways, Sam's Almost Artisan Blog posts.
Of coarse I'll analyze why I might not have won, always hard on myself anyways.
Blog Tour Links to some other Almost Artisans that have already started showing and some will show later.
Congratulations to all the Winners!

Leave me some lovin Please so I can reflate.

Celebrate Friday....
with some Coconut (mixed) Drinks! I AM!
Almost Artisans and more to come....

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Katie Ann Brooks said...

ps- cute card. The brads make great coconuts! :)

Katie Ann Brooks said...

Sorry Sam. :( I am really excited to see you projects though. Maybe it doesn't help but I sumbitted one of my 3D for Wow art file and didn't hear- I was pretty upset. Guess what though, we always have next year! Just think of all the ideas you'll come up with between now and sure to right them down! :)

Tina said...

Your card is wonderful, I love all the details!

Barbara V said...

Sam, I can hardly wait to see your projects. You are truly an artisan in every sense of the word. I love your blog and all your wonderful creations.

Amanda said...

Wow what a great card!