Thursday, December 18, 2008

Shellebrate! With Craft watercoloring

I hated to color!
Yes You read right or I did, but now after VB Regional where they had us water color with classic and craft, which I think is the nicest out of all the water coloring that can be done from SU...pencils crayons markers.
Coloring with Craft Ink has a much richer effect.
You have to try it.
These two cards were more swaps with my sisters over seas. Hope they received them cause I just could not wait to show y'all. To impatient.
I was one of those kids that would search for my present. Now I lock them up for my own kids.



Anesha said...

Thanks again for the beautiful card. I never get rid of paper if I can use it!:-)
Have a nice day.

Kathy said...

Watercoloring is my Favorite LOL! YOu did a great job here. I hope you had a good time at regionals. They are always so much fun.

Phree said...

These are lovely Sam, you have coloured them beautifully. I have always enjoyed colouring things and I think the important thing is to have good quality coluring mediums to work with. Kiddie art materials usually just don't cut it as they skimp on pigments etc.

katiesniche said...

I've never thought to wc with craft ink, that's something I'll have to try. Your cards are great!

Carol said...


Thanks for my card - it's great and I love the colours sooo envious that you live near the sea we used to but now have a short drive

Have a brilliant Christmas and wishing you a New Year packed with the best of everything!

Hugs to you and your family

Tessa said...

GREAT cards!!!!!!!!!!! Watercoloring with craft inks you say? hmmmmm. The Home for the Holidays is beautiful with all that shimmer and the brads in the sentiment!

Kelly Taylor said...

I hate to color a lot too, but you did a great job! Love the card!

Liz said...

love the look of the watercolouring with craft inks... I'll have to try it! Your card looks fantastic!

thescrapmaster said...

Great cards. I love that Shellebrate set.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your Family!!!!