Friday, April 6, 2012

Re-New...Buy Handmade

Help some amazing and talented crafty peeps out and Buy Local - Buy Handmade...
Whether you're here in VA or even your own city/state. There's a Handmade store near you.
Mine Kitsch 

These Two pieces are there Re-Done for Re-Use!

More to Come...

Thursday, March 8, 2012


I have to say I'm sorry...!
I have not posted the In-Color Insert yet...the laptop I use for the SU program - takes up a lot of space...Seriously it need it's own computer or at least a newer one with more memory.
And everything with it.
Once I get another which will be soon I'll reinstall and get back to work, sorry cannot guaranteed it will be before the new Color change so in that case I will just make adjustments as needed.
In the mean time print up the blank one and punch the colors for your cases.
On the bright side I get a new computer, that's fresh and fast!
The pic above- a Craft Fair done in Dec...have some others coming up so busy busy busy!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Highlighted words mean-Quick Links...

Organize the place to go for ink pad storage.
I had to remove this link long ago because of Crazy rules, this storage is awesome.
It's that competition thing....Puleeze, can't we all just get along :)
Underneath are old Thrift store Candy jars and New Jars storing Ribbon scraps and Pretties (flowers). link for these, you can get the 12x12 paper cubes everywhere crafts are sold. I glues painted legs to keep Phycho Kitty fur off. 
The Stamp Pad holder...sorry thrift store find by way of Carlos (DIL Dad) so free to me.
But I did find some online HERE maybe these will give you some ideas.
Punch Holders Go check out this Old Post

The Old Dresser here the Old Post for that.
No not painted with that awesome paint, I'm going to tell you all about soon. 
But boy do I wish it had been.

An old Printers tray displaying my Favorite and still used wood mounted stamps.
These can be found everywhere.
*Up-Date Negotiations are in the works for the shop, I'm going to go it alone and the instructions for the binder is done, but Dummy me gave it away and did not get a final Pic, but you will get the idea and I finally made an in color template for the marker cases. I though the retired (fill in the circles) case would do the work because of the yearly changes for those, but many have requested it, that will be up soon also.
A little late but none the less...done for you.

Monday, January 9, 2012

A Partial Bucket Scratch....

Hi Y'all I did a little Bucket List Scratching, but only a partial scratch.
 I'm on pins and Needles, this will be a big decision...
I'm going to open a hand-made shop, hopefully with some co-owners.
I've looked at two Spaces so far well 3 but that was to scary to even mention to my co-owners...
Pray, cross-fingers, or wish us luck!

I've  envision for so long...
  walking into a cozy  room filled with Handmade and Up-Cycled, some place you can sit down kick your feet up and just gaze at all the Handmade Beauty...AWE!
With a little room for classes of all Handmade type teaching, crafty artists so good at what they do to teach me and others felting, or the art of glass making, new and old techniques of all crafts. With lots of people buying the Home-made Beauties and signing up for those classes...

OK I will get back to reality, Let happen, Happen!
The adorable chippy shelf, yep made it that way on purpose 
with that awesome paint I will talk more in detail about soon, houses all my buttons assorted by color in jars, with the lids painted, my Favorite color....GREEN!
Now they are not just plain jars, they are Organized Pretty!

Friday, January 6, 2012

The Big Honking Plastic Table...

First go check out This Old Post and the Big Honking Plastic table, I was always cleaning. 
That table became the catch-all for everything.
Found...curbside a coffee table I really liked the legs on (show you what I did with those later)
I still had the top...

Pretty Legs... dawned on me this table top was the most perfect size, not a Big Honking Thing. 
Sent Hubby to the store to get some fence posts, and he even had them cut into 3 feet lengths.
Used the old hardware (screws and bolts)
and I have a new Counter height Table. I'm short...

I went to Habitat and just bought wood pieces that were the same depth, length did not matter as long as they were longer than the shelf I planned. This is where the Hubbies mind changed about my hoarding, he took over. Which was fine by me, I still asked for my own power tools for X-mas, he even found lite and cordless.
But after the accident I had earlier last year with a tree and a pole saw, all new safety equipment came with it.
Love Him!
There's more to the Hubby/Hoarding story....Stay Tuned.

I painted it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint this color is called Old Paint-no wax, I call it the Lazy "wo"mans paint and have several colors, tell you more of that later, cause there is a lot to talk about.t
The little hardware thingy on the sides hold trash collection bags and such.
It's the perfect height for cutting Fabric, paper and well...everything else, with-out to many aches;)
This also Houses my Big Shot Machine and Dies.

An Old wine rack that fits my long dies and...
A Big Beautiful Fabric Box (TJ Maxx) with a lid that hides the rest. 
Soon I hope this table will also house an E-clips or Silhouette! I'll find a way to store that pretty too.
More to Come....

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Organize Pretty...

The Wall of wonder...Ooh Awe!
All 8 Pics are me standing by the table and turning left.

Over the next couple of weeks..I will explain how and what I did. 

The collecting of things (my husband said I was a hoarder) and how I got him interested in some of the projects, I'm no longer a hoarder, just a wife with a "wild" and creative imagination.

Most of my organizing items you might already have but then flea markets, curbs, or Thrift Stores might become your new places to shop... If you already don't.

Oh...and Craig's List, Ross and TJ Maxx!

 There are still things I need to finish, some painting and such. I still keep changing as I find what flows and what gets in the way and what does not work with my own personal Feng shui.
But with me...changing things up now and again, is fun.

So here you see, my Organize Pretty, 
more to come...

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Raise Your Hand....

Happy New Year and New Me!

Who has tried Extreme Couponing... raise your hand!
And not to successfully at it either. 
Well anyways, I do love the Binder covers floating around all over Cyber and Grocery Worlds...

Funny thing is, I've had Pinterest Like Binders forever...LOVE PINTEREST!
If you do not know what Pinterest is, there is a little Pinterest link to the right, click, BUT be prepared!
So many awesome ideas all in an easy to find location, no more Bookmarking!

So for my Binders..This is the first cover using one of SU's Fabulous Fabrics and I totally winged it, to cheap to buy a pattern and a somewhat alright sewer to try it on my own and surprisingly my measurements worked...
slowly have been working on a 3 inch binder pattern, this is a 1 1/2in and I will share...
Just bare with my busy schedule please.

Inside I have tabs of Style, Food, Ideas, Health....
Tabs of each part of my house and dreams of what I want it to look like on Graph Paper, with colors and new products and accessories (of coarse these change as each year goes by)
I have pages of plain white card stock with loads of pics from Magazines I love to read. I just cut out the parts that really catch my eye and glue them.

And a couple of pockets to hold my much loved Sticky notes and more.
Ive had this portable Pinterest for ever ...
Now it's just Organized Pretty!
For me I will forget the coupons, I seem to anyways!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Homemade sometimes needs some age...

Home made vanilla...yummy. 
These were suppose to be last years X-mas gifts, some were packaged prettily and given, the others, 20 bottles in all still sit waiting to be beautified. Actually the longer they sit the better, receipt...

3 Vanilla Beans to 1/2 cup of your Best Vodka Slice beans open, I recommend you chop in fourths so vodka always covers the beans (exposed to air they will mold) Let sit in dark place 4 to 6 months before use.
I get my Beans from My Spice Sage plus they send you a free sample and their prices were perfect!

Yep after a long long hiatus from blogging. I am coming back to show you crafty stuff.

All crafts blend and mesh nicely. I'm not a "stick to one thing kinda gal". I love to change it up...a lot!
Changes happen everyday, sometimes the best changes start with yourself...
 exposing yourself to "Happy" is a great start.

Prepare Yourselves...and Thank You for sticking around!
Makes me Happy, going to return the Favor!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Miss Ya...

 Letter Press with a kiss...
Subway art personalized for my redone craft room/Scentsy office...LOTS of pics soon.
I'm in Love with my new space and wish I had done this in the I need a door of which the Stud is taking his sweet time getting...he's afraid I'll never come out.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Just a Re-Share...Markers Clear Cases!

 While I know most of you are preparing your Spaces for a New Catalog release...I know I do!

I'm re-posting this awesome idea I Did Last Year for organizing your Markers and more


Monday, September 20, 2010

Sharing What I Love...Marker Clear Case Inserts!

So excited...
finally finished one project I started...recruit video next!
Stampin' UP!® has a great case for when you purchase the full set of Stampin' Write Markers 119806.
I never had the case, only cause I still have some of the original marker Stampin' UP! started with (sister gave to me) and they did not come in the cool case they do now.
BUT! I think these cases are just as cool.
I purchased the empty Clear-Mount Stamp Cases 119105 Stampin' UP! Offers for 4.95$
To store my markers. Easy for Transport also.

I created some covers to insert for easy Identification.

So I'm Sharing it in a Goggle Doc Link.

Print it up in a Better Quality for better color, Directions on the first Page, of which you will cut off so don't throw them away☺
Any Question or need some Clear Mount Cases Email 
                                                 or Comment! Yes Copic also fit in these cases.
*Note a Create Your Own and Supply Insert Link has been added. Click Here to Go to my SHARING♥ Page, up top!